by Secret Cat

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Emile Rosewater on drums and vocals
Melati Citrawireja on bass and vocals
Jeremy Erickson on guitar
and Ian Shoop on keys, guitar, sound fx, and vocals

Drums, bass and lead vocals recorded by Judah Nagler at Thinknot in Rohnert Park
The rest of it recorded and engineered by Ian Shoop at Emile's and Ian's collective houses

Thanks to Jim Shoop for taking photos, managing, making shirts, and altogether keeping our act in line

Thanks to Odin Halvorson, with whom I played my longest-running campaign of Dungeons and Dragons of which the story of this album is based

- <3 i.s.


released 17 March 2013



all rights reserved


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Secret Cat Santa Rosa, California

"Secret Cat sounds like a meeting between Mr. Bungle and Ween in the parking lot of a decrepit drive-in theater while Plan 9 from Outer Space plays on a lone, blurry screen and Weezer sells hot dogs at the snack stand." - Leilani Clark , North Bay Bohemian ... more

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Track Name: A Formal Introduction
There's this shark
in a jar
in the back room of my house
and he won't
know how far
he is from home
because he's just -
just a shark
in a picture in my house
and pictures aren't alive .
At least I hope so .
Track Name: Sharks Don't Sleep
He took a flight of stairs to the only one.
Now he's shooting his gun and making
fun of the only
other kids who depend on their sense of
style ,
so he tried it for a while ,
tossing coins with the lonely ones.
So when I come back and write a song
you could admit that you could be
wrong .
I put a petty peddler's stock to shame
passing hand outs with my name
as I carelessly cared for
another soul with watery eyes (they
and I wonder with my brain
if I'll ever open my door .
Did you prize the fall ?
Did you give it the ending
it deserved ?
Will you take the call
or the letter we're sending ?
So when I bite back when you go wrong
you could admit I can sing this song
to sleep
for eternity .
I'd rather go back to my bed
for eternity ,
sleeping inside of my head .
For eternity
I'd rather go back to my bed
for eternity
sleeping inside of my head .
Track Name: Fin A
I dwell
beneath the sea .
Under my feet lies all these courses
to these cities I can't reach
and I can't tell
if I'm asleep .
All that I need is out of my reach,
I can barely feel . I can't see
and it's killing me.
Yes , it's killing me .
This day
is at an end .
I cannot stay to see the outcome .
You can fight it out until I come back and
' What is this mess ? ' ,
because you can
obviously fake .
I don't believe a word you say
and still it's
killing me .
Yes , it's killing me .
The only person who could pay attention
was five foot three and he was out of his
mind .
I know my words are often like
detention .
Uneasy mind, I'm not alone .
Again ,
and in a sense
I could have missed it ,
could have lied ,
but out of truth
I never tried
All my friends
are innocent .
They never kissed it .
Let's be real .
I can feel what I can feel ,
but still it's killing me .
Oh yes , it's killing me .
Track Name: Faulty Decisions / You Should Have Listened (To That Wizard)
Sitting on his watchtower ,
overlooking the entire dirty forest
he recalls the words
that the sweaty wizard listed off to him :
' Slaves run away , masters return ' .
If only he could have remembered his name ,
but he didn't .
So now he gets up
and looks through his tattered hair-like moss
grown down to the floor .
Here emerges the same scarred beetle
that conversed with him the previous night .
Afraid of what is about to occur
he calmly collects himself
and counts off his few available options .
1 . Head off to the city and recapture the
2 . Cut off his moss and get a new name
3 . Question the relativity of this beetle
4 . JUMP
Meanwhile : Our mainland visitors
had carved their marks into the stone
and while the wizards counted candle marks
the days found growing old
a task to tight a squeeze to pull off .
Every following descent
had placed protagonistic marks
upon the mundane ranks of men .
Having picked the altogether strangest option
of what to do next
he calmly collected himself .
Scraping the morning dew-like tar off his
tweed jacket
hoping to retain what few supernatural powers
he had acquired .
He calmly escapes towards the mountains .
But he has taken good care of this land
over the past few years ,
warding off various outsiders .
In fact ,
he's sure as hell he could have have warded
an entire army .
At least that's what he thinks . . .
. . . but they're lining the route just now
and he's falling for their trap ,
leaving for a selfish revenge ;
his land left armless !!
Out of the Fire , Into the Ashes
Alone on the lit-up road to living ,
just letting the demon trail behind :
A lich with a knack for finding beauty .
His body intact as a crumbling statue .
Track Name: Out of the Fire, Into the Ashes
Alone on the lit-up road to living ,
just letting the demon trail behind :
A lich with a knack for finding beauty .
His body intact as a crumbling statue .
Track Name: The Return
I was on the bridge
when we arrived with blood red skies ,
with no chance at return
before sunrise ;
middle of the night
with the seasons turning .
Dripping off the rocks ,
wet drops of blood let down the grass ;
blood-letting to the letter .
But a violent crash
let us be forewarned
of the city's station .
With no walls
and no doors
home .
Step into the stale loose morning light .
Listen to the sound of the horse's cry .
Count off all the wrecked ports ocean-side
and wonder if it's over .
Anyone listening
couldn't tell the screaming
from the revelry that we brought .
Tearing down fastened doors,
and horses shout on all fours .
Shout on all fours :
' Did we make it ? '
When I met the sun ,
he was handsome and young
but I dared to believe
he was less fit than me
for the job they assigned ,
and I was forced to resign
and I cried .
Oh , I cried
and the tears wouldn't settle or keep their place ,
so they vowed their revenge on every race .
And I swallowed my pride
but I couldn't keep it inside .
But I tried my best ,
and I became what they would come to call
Leviathan .
Don't cross me .
' He's a real asshole . '
Track Name: The Escape
The first rain of the goddamn season .
We're better off picking termites
from the back of all those wooden kings
that brought you this addiction .
The past year had a tendency to kill
off every chance we had to
fill our knapsacks , pack ,
and break the back
of that old mountain road .
But a chance encounter
led us to wonder :
' What lives to cater to another's innocence ? '
Another flounder
beneath the water
that lifts its fins to prove
the wind will carry whim .
So , we set off on the road today
towards sickly castles
that decay when wardens stay
above the ground /
neglect their former masters .
until one had dropped that sinking bridge
that carried us from here
to pigeon-covered parks
and loathsome landmarks ,
we were caught off guard .
Shut up , you last chance .
I couldn't pass you by .
No telling where I'll end up ,
given I don't die
within these next days
from telling stories ;
the lies that shape my case .
Deported , they await .